Collective tactics of analytical measures generating key performance indicator reports, interpreting an effective and customized path toward a set goal

Collecting, analyzing, communicating, and interpreting data patterns provided within rich informative scope hosted anywhere, locally or on the cloud, and transcript all the data relayed through simultaneous effective KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) engines and methodologies transforming these data into meaningful information and actionable items in process to attain measurable key performance indicators reports and future projections.

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Analytics Solutions include


Web Presence Analytics

A strategy to analyze web data, visitor activity, guage traffic and get awareness on web usage.


Apps Analytics

A measure of app discovery, download, in app purchase and a way to make it popular.


Social Media Analytics

Empirical Analysis of social media profiles,content sharing,interaction and association of the user.


CMS Analytics

Identifying high quality content, its functionality which drive more user to revisit the site.


Sales Analytics

Manage and predict sale trends, improve productivity and meet sales objective within time.


E-POS Analytics

Track latest sales and purchase trends,update stock, customer shopping pattern to maximize profit.


E-Commerce Analytics

An insight on online sales transaction process to figure what works in marketing campaigns.


Process Optimization

A methodology to optimize process with a set of parameters subjected to given constraints


Data Visualization

Interactive, creative and easy graphical representation of complex data that amplify cognition.