We keep our people well-fed and comfortable

“Behind every successful organization, there are employees who consume a lot of coffee”

InnoCafe, an innosoft culture that makes free coffee, cookies and snacks available all day long so you can enervate and innovate.

“Work. Don’t Think. Relax. Work a Little More”

InnoXation, a relaxation initiative providing comfort seaters with a beach-view so you can rejuvenate. Innosoft tries to care for you so that you care back.

We care about rewarding our employees

“A happy staff is a productive staff”

InnoESOP, an employee stock ownership plan, is our initiative to reward our productive and motivated employees with a part of the company. We believe the more time an employee spends with us, he becomes an asset. Losing an asset is losing a part of the company.

“A hard working employee is a necessary piece of the puzzle”

We ensure that our employees know that the work they do does not go unnoticed. Employee of the Month Award is our way of telling you that you are “appreciated”.

We want you to never stop learning

“A mind that stops learning is no mind at all”

The InnoLibrary is fully-equipped with subscriptions to cutting-edge technology magazines, books, interactive learning freely available to any member so knowledge and skill development never stops.

“Listening to inspirational people talk motivates you to explore the unseen”

InnoTalk, a weekly talk program invites brilliant people visiting and giving talks and lectures. It is an excellent opportunity to stretch your mind on a wide variety of topics.

We support a techno-efficient work environment

“Sustainable Energy, because mending is better than ending”

We don’t wait to make a difference, we take action right away. We at innosoft promote green initiatives from recycling to maximizing energy efficiency.

“Move with your Data”

You no longer need to worry about data security, accessibility and cost of online storage. We provide our team with their personal cloud storage space free of cost.

We Value Innovation and Creativity

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, Think Big”

We promote an Entrepreneur-driven environment. Innovation not about money, it’s about the people you have, how they are led, and how much you get from them.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”

If you are wrong, you get up and try again. But if you are not, you become anInnoPreneur. We value creativity and innovation and will help you get there.

We provide a healthy work-life balance

“Everyone is different. It is this diversity that makes you identifiable”

We value your uniqueness. We encourage you to create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

“Flexibility, as displayed by water, is a sign of life”

We believe flexibility and quality go hand-in-hand. We provide our employees with flexible working hours giving them room thereby asking them to adhere to our quality standards or InnoStandards that we are so proud of.

Work with an Inspirational Team

“Passion is the genesis of genius”

Our team are a bunch of passionate geeks and visionaries. Regardless of the task, each moment spend in their company gives a constant sense that you are doing something to change the world.

“Competition drives Innovation”

What makes us different is not our skills but inner desire to create something exceptional. Working beside our competitive and creative team will push you to be better, because you end up creating something exceptional. Let’s not forget the Employee of the Month Award!