What Makes us Different is Our Inner Desire to Create Something Exceptional. In our Competitive Environment We Push Ourselves to deliver Originality.

Executive Summary

An Innovative Complement to Saudi Vision 2020

Innosoft’s vision is to be the technological services platform model that fully complements with the Saudi Vision 2020 focusing on localizing innovations and researches to accelerate knowledge transfer toward developing a robust knowledge-based economy.

Why Innosoft?

The Drive ; Why Innovation at Innosoft is Different ?

Innovation has a great similarity to a great cup of coffee. A great cup of coffee is not about the beans (each one of them has its own unique taste), it’s not about the process (most are standardized), it’s also not about the machine; it’s all about the Barista. Similarly, innovation is not about the technology or the process; it is all about people. At innosoft, we believe in people. We invest in people! It is people who are brewers of ideas. Usually, people tend to postpone or forget each time a challenging idea comes forward. Here, we invest in those challenges and aim to make it real. And as Pendergrast said about coffee, “wherever it is grown, sold, brewed, and consumed, there will be lively

controversy, strong opinions and good conversation”.

How we Process Things at Innosoft?

We utilize Software Engineering Methodologies to Enhance our Work Flow

Just imagine innosoft (or for that matter, any organization) as a programming
language. Innosoft is different. It is aesthetic, elegant and expressive (like Ruby); it is strict yet powerful (like Python), it can run/operate anywhere (like Java) and finally it plans to be the basis and inspiration for all future languages (like C).
Like most programming languages, innosoft provides a friendly interface (or API). This aids its users (clients/ partners) to integrate it seamlessly into their programs. Unlike others, innosoft provides multiple interfaces suitable for each type of user. This is what makes it different, user-friendly and innovative.

Innosoft Works in a Simple yet Geeky Fashion

What is it for !

Dedicated for Localized Innovation to Serve Specific Market Needs

People at Innosoft hold a proud believe in its motto “Challenge Yourself aiming to optimize an effective and creative solution that anyone can rely on”. We believe that Every dream is worth being a reality, it just needs the right people to look at it from the right angle.

Innovation at Innosoft is a result of converging wide-ranging perceptions, advanced knowledge and focused insight directed toward businesses & industries problems and issues. Our commitment is to develop a thorough understanding of issues experienced by Saudi businesses & Industries through extensive market research and provide unique innovative solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology in a creative and engaging manners.