Riyadh AlTayib

Riyadh presently serves as the chief marketing officer at Innosoft. He is also the youngest founding member of Innosoft. Riyadh has a proficient role in Market interactions, Social Community Building , Quality Assurance, Gamification, User Experience Architecture, and User Engagement Design. His urge toward inventing creative and sustainable approaches utilizing technology in the day-to-day life led him to find the great potential that lies within Innosoft; and the passion of achieving such desires was his start with Loai & Dr. Misbhauddin. Most of the time you find Riyadh challenging himself to create something new, splendid, remarkable, and revolutionary.

Since his youth, Riyadh worked to widen his knowledge in different fields to fulfill his thirst to know, learn, and interact. In 2005, he participated with The King AbdulAziz and his Companions Foundation for Talent and Creativity “Mawhiba” and was also awarded the best youth contributor in the summer camp organized at King Saud University. Six years later, Riyadh was nominated to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia internationally in the World Skills 2011 Competition held in London, UK where he proudly secured both the Excellency and the Best of Nations Medallions for Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is as well a certified expert in social media marketing and social community management. Driven by his deep trust and passion, Riyadh is actively seeking to create an entrepreneurial environment that help to nurture a leading generation of technological entrepreneurs and encourage the national young talents to discover their engaging opportunities to kick start their dreams into the path toward success. Further more to his leading role at Innosoft, Riyadh as well act as the Managing Director for Innosoft Ventures, a leading technological venture capital at the eastern province of Saudi Arabia that specialize in adopting technological for-profit and non-profit initiatives that help in the development of the Saudi digital and internet industry to a leading edge of international presence in a motion toward building national knowledge based economy.

At Innosoft, Riyadh is the guy that will help you out with all your Innosoft queries. Being one of the oldest member of the team, it gives him a deeper insight to the complex work done at the firm. Riyadh is a big anime fan “Otaku”. He loves watching them, voice-dubing them, drawing them and quoting them sometimes just to baffle his teammates. When not attached to his computer, Riyadh enjoys composing new melodies while playing his guitar.

Riyadh AlTayib

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer