Mohammed Misbhauddin

Misbhauddin is a founding partner at Innovative Software Inc. He holds a doctorate in computer science specializing in software engineering which gives him an intellectual grasp over the concepts of project management, software development and technology incorporation. He is a competitive & reliable professional with proven record of pedagogical skills, research and business development. He has a unique passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology. This along with his “insatiable” need of coffee, brews him to be an insomniac ready to go the extra mile whenever needed.

Misbhauddin has a natural affinity for learning. His educational journey can be described as atypical . From an International School in Jeddah to a minority college in India and then to a private university in USA, Misbha’s educational experiences ran the gamut, culminating at King Fahd University in Dammam, one of the top institutions in Saudi Arabia. Misbhauddin is obsessed with teaching. He dreams of revolutionizing the education system with one that imparts knowledge and not just degrees and innosoft is the perfect avenue for that.

When not on his computer, you are likely to find him cramming his face into a book. Misbhauddin is a reader. Be it tech magazines, fiction novels by Michael Crichton, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham or the dozen more he adores, or at least the backside of a cereal box. When not working, he enjoys cooking.